Media Ecology- Video gaming

Media Ecology- Video gaming

* Video by Julian Smith 2012, ‘Video Games and Violence.’

In Andrew’s lecture, we were challenged to question the way media ecologies interplay to alter or change cultural contexts (Murphie 2013). First it is imperative to define the term ‘media ecology’. Simply put, media ecology is the study of media environments and the way they interact and affect human perception, understanding, feeling and value (Media Ecology Association 2012). An example of media ecology in practice is the study of the effects of violent video games. The above video puts a satirical spin on the effects of video gaming. Through the use of irony, it demonstrates how violent video games are increasing, as well as encouraging violent behaviour. When examining video games as a form of digital media- it can be argued that like all other media objects, they have their own set of  “poetics; they make the world and take part in it; and at the same time, synthesize, block, or make possible other worlds” (Fuller 2005, p 2). Thus, attesting to how they can not only create ‘new virtual worlds of opportunity’, but also alter value systems, attitudes and behaviour. I do not believe there is enough study or research into the effects of video gaming on its users for myself to make a judgement on whether or not it is increasing violence. However, I do believe it has become quintessential for us to be able to identify the differences between reality and the virtual now more than ever. If we society can differentiate between the ‘gaming’ virtual world and the ‘real’ everyday physical world we are participating in, it will aid the audience in separating violent video gaming from everyday life.

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